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Tiki Update 5/1

I haven't provided an update on Tiki in while but he is continuing to do very well. Tiki is a very entertaining bird and a lot of fun to have around. He can be pretty stubborn at times but in general is a great macaw. He comes out every night and just has fun on his tree stand. I have learned he is pretty particular about how he steps up from his cage. He will only step up facing one direction and onto my left hand and from 2 particular places. If wants to be picked up he will go to those spots, otherwise he is happy just where he is.

His chest is still pretty naked but he is getting feathers on his back and shoulders. In fact his left shoulder is almost completely covered at this point. He seems to get feathers on his chest and legs but they don't always stay there.

While Tiki prefers me he is not aggressive to others and will go to them if he feels like it. If on the floor he will step up for anyone, but not from his tree or his cage unless he really wants something. Tiki is not loud often, limiting himself to screams when alarmed or scared and not just because he wants attention. After a screaming bout he often scolds himself by saying "Stop it" which is pretty amusing. He loves getting his head scratched but most of the time is just happy hanging out on the tree with everyone in the living room.

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