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Tiki Update 3/6

Tiki had a really great first week at his new foster. Last weekend with the bit of nice winter he got to venture outside in the aviary. He was a little uncertain at first but after a few minutes he started exploring. He is a little wary still and unsure of the whole outside thing, he didn't hate it at least. Hopefully we will have some more warm days soon.

The big news is that Tiki stepped up for me from his cage for the first time yesterday! He has stepped up if on the floor or on the living room tree but has been really reluctant to step up from his cage.

Tiki. loves to have his head scratched. In his last foster home he got a little hormonal so I am very careful not to cuddle him or scratch him anywhere but on his head. He has also started playing with toys. He likes to chew up cardboard and shread his nice big Tiki rope.

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