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Tiki Update: Dancing

Tiki has been very reluctant to step up for any of us but the other day he went to lunge at my hand and missed, threw himself off balance and ended up on the floor. Once on the floor he was really eager to step up! We went to the kitchen table and played for a while. He was dancing a bit with his fancy wing wave moves!

So far he is a pretty sweet guy and we enjoy him being here. He can get loud at times but usually just for a minute or two and he doesn't have the volume of some macaws. He rushes right down to eat his food and is eating a blend of Zupreem and Harrisons, and fresh chop. He has a lone feather that has grown in on his chest and we are hopefully be more that follow.

Tiki often talks to himself and he says a few things that are easy to understand such as hello and Hi. He also asks to come out and few swear words but they are often a bit garbled. In the video above he says hello and engages in nonsense talk with Jamie.

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