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Surrendering a Bird

Parrot Education, Adoption, & Rehoming League is an all volunteer and foster based organization. We receive several surrender requests on a regular basis and are unable to meet the demand for relinquished parrots.


We do not have a facility to house the birds in our program and our ability to intake new birds is completely reliant on the availability of a foster home.


We currently have a waiting list for birds to be surrendered into our program and we cannot offer a time frame for how long it may take for space to become available. Birds find their way to us for a number of reasons and we understand that there are different circumstances that may require a home to surrender their bird.

If you find that you are in need of surrendering your bird, please complete the following form to be added to our waiting list. We will contact you if a foster home is available for your bird.

Please refrain from calling or emailing to check on the status or time frame for this process. Thank you. 

If we are unable to take in your bird, we are able to offer to place your bird on a waiting list for our a foster home to become available or offer our Home-to-Home Adoption program, which allows your bird to be placed on our website as available for adoption, while remaining in your care. 

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