Adoptable Birds

Sammy - Double Yellow-Headed Amazon

Meet Sammy, a Double Yellow-Headed Amazon. Sammy can say several things. She can also cry and laugh. She is really only a one or two person bird. She loves spaghetti, which isn’t good for her! She would prefer a home where she can hang out on your shoulder and watch tv in the evening. Her wings are not clipped but she does not fly unless she is frightened. She would like a home with no cats, dogs or other predators. Oh and a home with no smokers or anyone who loves to burn smelly candles!!! She also would like her new family to PEARL's Standards of Care adoption class. Her mom would like to stay in touch with her new family and would be happy to answer questions and if there was an issue in the home take her back. She is a special bird and needs a special family. *We do not know her exact age. She is not banded and the place she came from before us didn’t know. I’m guessing she is a little older because of some of the things she says.*

If you are interested in adopting Sammy, please contact Kris at Kriskhudson@msn.com

Rupert - Green Cheek Conure

Meet Rupert, a friendly 7-year-old green cheek conure who loves to be sung to. He can get a little grumpy times at times. He says kiss kiss and meows and will perch on your hand with the command up. He loves taking showers and toy bells. He seems to prefer women over men and  has been around other animals. 

If you are interested in adopting Rupert, please contact Suzanne at suz_raven1@yahoo.com.

Toby - Cockatiel

Meet Toby, a friendly 5-year-old cockatiel. Toby is very friendly and very active. He needs a home that can provide him with more attention than his current home. 

If you are interested in adopting Toby, please contact Deb Ziemer danjz@comcast.net

Successful Home-to-Home Matches


Please note: the birds available for adoption through our Home-to-Home Adoption program are being made available for adoption by their current family. Parrot Education, Adoption, and Rehoming League cannot accept responsibility for the adoptions conducted through the contacts made on this page.

To be accommodating to our community, all birds submitted for adoption through this program must be located within an approximate one hour radius of Pittsburgh, PA. 

PEARL reserves the right to deny any application and/or remove any posted bird for any reason we deem necessary.