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Classes are generally offered at least once a month on a Saturday or Sunday. The class location varies based on availability and is sometimes conducted virtually via Zoom.

Classes are generally $5-$10 each per class/per person. The price may vary depending on the type of class  The cost of admittance helps us to vet, feed, and care for the birds in our program. 

Please RSVP and pre-purchase your tickets by following the link under the Upcoming Events tab.

*Please note class offering is based upon availability of volunteers and instructors.  Dates and times may vary.*

Also follow us on Facebook or sign-up for our email list for class announcements and availability. 

Standards of Care

Standards of Care will teach you all the basics of parrot ownership, including what you need to know before bringing a bird into your home and how to keep your bird happy and healthy once in your home. Whether or not you had or currently have birds, this class is full of great information that makes sharing your life with a feathered companion a safe and enjoyable experience.  In this class we discuss our expectations on proper caging, nutrition, and enrichment for your bird. 

Did you know that a hair dryer and your frying pan have the potential to kill your bird?  How about bleach, aerosols, candles, and perfumes? Our homes can be hazardous places for birds.  We will discuss what is and is not safe for your parrot and provide you with the knowledge to ensure a safe haven for your bird.  

Parrots are not domesticated animals like dogs and cats,  thus different training methods are required to reinforce desired behaviors and discourage unwanted ones.  Our Standards of Care class walk you through the basic concept and application of positive reinforcement training, providing you with the knowledge and skills to handle behaviors such as biting, screaming, and feather picking.

*Standards of Care is required to adopt any bird through PEARL.*


Avian Nutrition

Polly no longer wants a cracker- at least Polly shouldn't be getting any crackers!  The field of avian nutrition can be complicated.  The days of feeding your bird a bowl of seed and nuts are- thankfully, long gone.  Thanks to advances in avian nutrition we know that many health problems arise from an improper diet.  Learn of the many ailments that can afflict a parrot fed an improper diet and what to do about them. 


Avian Nutrition is an in-depth look at feeding your bird a nutritionally balanced diet.  Hypovitaminosis A?  Hypocalcaemia?  The Calcium-Phosphorus- Vitamin D3 balance?  Yes, these are all things than can affect your bird and have a detrimental impact on their happiness and wellbeing, and can even shorten their life.  Come learn why vegetables, fruits, chop, and sprouts are the way to go! 


*Avian Nutrition is not required for most adoptions, however it is highly encouraged.  Depending on the needs of individual birds and/or species, this class may be required.*


Parrot Enrichment & Toy Making Class

Enrichment is vital to keeping our birds healthy and happy. Learn about the different types of enrichment and how to add them to your bird's life. We finish the class by making toys for our birds out of inexpensive and found items.


ABC's of Parrot Training

Why does your parrot do what it does? How do you convince your parrot to do what you want it to do? ABC's of Parrot Training will discuss the science behind training and give you tools to decipher and modify your parrots behavior.

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