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Adoption Process

Thank you for considering adopting your new feathered companion through PEARL Parrot Rescue.  It is estimated that approximately 85% of birds purchased are rehomed or abandoned within the first two years of ownership.  By considering adoption you are helping put an end to this crisis affecting companion parrots in the United States.  

*Please read through our adoption process and scroll down to submit an application.* 

*PEARL is an all volunteer run organization.  Due to our adoption process enumerated below, all adopters must live within a reasonable distance form the City of Pittsburgh, which would encompass a reasonable driving time for both the potential adopter and our volunteers. While portions of our adoption process can be conducted virtually, we are not able to waive any section of the process. Moving forward with an adoption that is outside of one to two hours of Pittsburgh will depend on the caliber of individual applications and the specific birds that are being applied for. If you are unsure if your location is within a reasonable distance, please proceed with submitting an application for consideration.  * WE DO NOT SHIP BIRDS! * 

Step One:

To ensure that you are prepared to take on the challenges- and experience the joys- of sharing your life with a parrot, we require all potential adopters to undergo our three step adoption process.  The first step is an application, which you will find below.  Once submitted your information is forwarded to our Adoption Coordinators, who will review your application and may contact you with any questions or concerns.  Please keep in mind that PEARL is an all volunteer run organization and will respond to your application as soon as possible, however we cannot guarantee a specific time frame.  *PEARL reserves the right to deny adoption applications for any reason the organization deems appropriate.*

Step Two:

To help break the cycle of bird acquisition and rehoming, we require all adopters to attend our education programing to set them up with the skills and knowledge to live with these amazing creatures.  We have combined our core classes, Basic Bird Care & Advanced Bird Care into one all-encompassing course, our Standards of Care Class.  In order to adopt any bird from PEARL our Standards of Care Class is required.  We also offer other educational programing, such as Avian Nutrition, Enrichment, and Parrot Training. It is highly encouraged that adopters take one ore more of these courses, and they may be required to adopt in special cases or for particular birds. 


After attendance of our class, our Adoption Coordinators will reach out to set up meet & greets with some of the birds in our program and help pair you with a new companion!  These meet and greets are very important and are also required before taking any bird home.  Additional meet and greets may be required, at the discretion of PEARL, to ensure that both adopter and adoptee are a good match.  Because all of our birds are housed in private foster homes, we are unable to allow meet & greets with the birds until you have completed the initial steps in the adoption process.  

Step Three:

The final step is to schedule a home visit with our Adoption Coordinators.  The purpose of this home visit is to ensure your home is properly suited to house a parrot.  Our Adoption Coordinators are highly experienced in avian care and will help you assess the home for potential avian dangers, as well as provide support for environment set up and enrichment of your bird.

*Please be advised that completion of core classes and home check does not guarantee the adoption of a bird.  PEARL reserves the right to deny adoption for any reason deemed fit by the organization.*

Step Four:

Start you and your new companions life together!

*The below application is powered by Petstablished. To submit an application, please complete each field directly on screen and submit your responses. You do not need to download the application. If you are experiencing problems with the application, try using a laptop or desktop computer, as opposed to a your mobile devise.* 

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