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Phoenix and Gemma

Well, Meeka was moved to another foster this weekend so I could take in this bonded pair of macaws on a sort of emergency intake. I will miss Meeka but I have 2 new guys to work with now.

This is Phoenix a Scarlet Macaw.

And this is Gemma a Green Wing Macaw:

These 2 are a bonded pair and very attached to each other and will not be seperated and must be adopted together.

So far we are just feeling each other out and trying to convert their diet. They had been eating Chex cereal and trail mix which while not the worst diet I have seen, could be a whole lot better. So far they have tried some pellets from their bowl but have avoided the chop. They really like raisins, banana chips, grapes, nuts and seeds, all things that are probably in the trail mix. Gemma tried some green pepper and seemed to like it.

These 2 are still pretty skittish and not to sure of us so we are taking it pretty slow.

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