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Meet Fish!

We brought home a new Foster today! This is Fish a presumed wild caught Moluccan Salmon Crested Cockatoo (We call him a M2). Fish was 1 of 5 birds rescued from horrible conditions just a few weeks ago and has been quarantining. We don't know too much about this guy yet other that he is probably over 30 and almost certainly wild caught.

He will be housed in my 4x3 cage for a week until my 2 other fosters move to their forever home and then into the 64x32 Natural Inspirations cage. As you can see his feathers are in pretty rough shape. Some are plucked and the rest barbered pretty badly. He needs a good bath but I didn't want to make his first day here too stressful.

He spent much of the day is the same place just taking things in. Later in the evening he became a little more vocal and started exploring the cage and the toys. We really left him for the most part and just let him try and settle in. Keep checking back to keep up on his progress!

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