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Fish Update 3/29

Fish still making slow and but steady progress. He is a very likable bird and loves to play with toys on the bottom of his cage. His favorite toys are the red rubber ball and the spiky ball. He will carry or throw them but loves to just bounce his beak on them. Another favorite activity is grabbing the bottom grate and rattling it for all he is worth. I think he likes the sound.

His feathers are starting to come back in especially on his belly and the backs of wings. I have been adding Nekton Biotin vitamins to help support healthy feather growth. Unfortunately there isn't much than can be done with the existing feathers until he molts and grows new ones. The most important thing is that we haven't seen any evidence of plucking behavior since he has been with us.

He is hissing at me less and less as the days go on and I think he is lerning that i am a friend and not a threat. He tends to get very excited at times maybe even too excited when playing with Jen. In the video below he is obviously very excited but it it is hard to tell if he wants to come closer to Jen, or bite her. She wisely keeps her distance until Fish can be more clear on his attentions.

When he does get over excited we play soft music and it calms him right down. Music really does calm the savage beast! I spend most of every evening sitting in a beanbag chair right beside his cage with the door open and my hand resting on the cage. The goal is to show him neither me of my hands are a threat. I talk to him and occasionally give him a treat as he slowly learns to trust me.

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