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Fish Update 3/15

Fish is continuing to progress steadily and ever day he seems to become more and more comfortable. He is really starting to like playing at the cage bars with Jen. Every night they play with a plastic chain link attached to the bars and take turns picking it up and dropping it or playing with balls on the bottom of the cage. The red squeaky ball is is favorite but I found a couple small pool balls that he also seems to like. He grabs them and throws them towards the rear of the cage and they slowly roll to the fron and he grabs them and repeats.

Last night Jen and Fish played for quite some time and when he was done he calmly sat near Jen and was very calm and content as he listened to Jen talk to him. She had her hand resting on the cage very close to him and he wasn't afraid as long as she moved very slowly.

He is still pretty afraid of me but becoming less so as I notice less and less hissing at me almost like he thinks he should but his heart really isn't in it. One of things that surprises me the most is how quiet he is for a cockatoo. He rarely makes much noise and what noise he does make is short lived.

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