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Fish Update

Fish is continuing to make slow but steady progress. He is becoming more comfortable with us everyday, especially with Jen. He will come to the side of the cage for her and even play a bit for her. He does still hiss at her at times but he is much more comfortable with her than with me. We are still playing Red light Green light and he is letting come closer and closer before he really starts to get nervous. He has started to explore alot on the floor as well.

The biggest news is that Fish took what are his first steps outside in more than 30 years. I have an outdoor aviary and hooked a Tiki rope directly from his cage to the aviary and let him decide what to do. Within a few minutes he was taking his first venture outside as a "free" bird. It was very exciting to see his explore the outdoors, feel the breeze, listen to other birds, and even get some sun.

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