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Pet of the Month - Sunny Bee

Meet our featured “Adoptable Bird of the Month,” a bright-feathered and good-hearted fellow named Sunny Bee! We love his vibrant colors, but make no mistake—this guy is more than just a handsome beak!

Sunny Bee is a 10-year-old male sun conure who has been with PEARL since early 2017. Before coming to us, he’d been moved between multiple homes. This time, we’re committed to finding him his forever flock—a long-term home with a loving family who can offer him the all the stability and security he’s been missing.

When at his best, Sunny Bee has has an engaging personality: sweet, affectionate, and inquisitive. However, because of something in his past—we’re not sure exactly what—he’s developed some anxiety and aggression regarding his cage. He refuses to leave it of his own free will, and because he’s fearful of hands coming into it, resists attempts to remove him with all he’s worth. We think that in time, with work and patient understanding, it may be possible to ease his fear and teach him to trust the people in his flock—hands and all.

Once out of the cage, though, Sunny Bee undergoes an amazing transformation! His foster family says he seems almost like a different bird. Away from his cage, he can sometimes still be a little shy, but he also becomes quite the love-sponge, wanting nothing more than to be cuddled, skritched, and sweet-talked.

Like most conures, Sunny Bee is energetic, social, and extremely smart. He needs to have lots of activity and human interaction to keep him happy and well-adjusted. (When feeling lonely or abandoned, conures often take up the habit of screaming for their missing flock.) Given Sunny Bee’s very conure temperament, his new family should figure on providing him with plenty of toys and foraging opportunities. Lots of out-of-cage playtime, too! His wings are clipped right now, but he was full-flighted previously—so it would be fantastic if he could eventually have enough space to fly and exercise his wings, either in a controlled indoor space or a secure outdoor aviary.

Note that when he came to PEARL, he did have some medical issues—specifically, a low heart rate, sparse intestinal flora, and a yeast infection. We’re happy to report, however, that medications and a better diet have improved his health noticeably. His new flock should be able and willing to provide medical care as needed and administer his medications. (Strangely, he’s great about taking his medicine, but wants nothing to do with eating his vegetables/chop…we’re working on it.)

Like all companion parrots, Sunny Bee is a very special and intelligent creature; he has a great deal of love to give, and deserves your love, attention, and respect in return. We’re confident that with a stable home and gentle guidance, he’ll gain confidence and come out of his shell.

If you think that you can offer Sunny Bee the kind of home he needs, please contact us! This charming, sunny little guy is ready to finally go home with his flock, and to become a cherished member of his new family. He looks forward to meeting you.

And even if you can’t give him a home, please consider helping to smooth his path to adoption. Any donation to his care and outstanding medical bills will help to get him settled into his new home more quickly.

To adopt Sunny Bee, start off by submitting an application here:

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