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Some Decoration of the Aviary

Yesterday I added some additional grapevine perches to the aviary. The birds seemed to be hanging on the sides more than perching so I am guessing they either didn't like the ones that were there or I needed some more. I added more medium sized perches at the very top where they really like to hang out.

I also added some plastic grapevine with silk leaves to the aviary. I used them primarily on top and draped them on the sides. I had 2 main goals. The first is to provide some cover from the sun and also to allow them to feel a little protected. It gives them a little more real environment and some places to hide. Secondly I wanted to have some leaves overtop for the bathing spray I am going to add. Some birds don't like direct spray but like the dripping from leaves overtop.

Lastly my wife added some bamboo she dug up from from our yard and put in a planter. Bambo is a bird safe plant that is pretty hardy. It will be interesting to see if the birds tear it up or let it grow. Here are a couple pics.

Herbie and Bo

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