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Building the Aviary

My Corners Limited outdoor aviary came by freight today. Corners Limited did a really nice job with this cage. It is 6ft x 6ft by 7ft tall. It comes with 1 standard door and I had a custom door added to one side that is sized to match a window on my deck. This will allow me to push the aviary right up to the house where I can allow the birds in and out without actually exposing them to the great wild outside. I am a bit paranoid that a bird might escape if I had to take it outside to get to the aviary so this make me feel a little better.

Here is a close up of one of the sides. The bars are .5 x 2in bar spacing which will accommodate a wide range of birds from parakeets to amazons or greys which is great because as a foster I take in all sorts of birds though the bulk seem to be conures. I'm not sure what the screen is made from but the 1in bars are aluminum.

The cage is very easy to put together using only 16 screws washers and nuts. Here are a few pictures of the build.

These were the instructions sent by the company. They are simple and hand drawn but more than enough as the aviary is really easy to put together!

Here are the pieces awaiting construction:

Each corner gets a 1" square pole secured by 4 screws and nuts. seen here:

The rest is super easy:

Here is a tip for building one of these aviaries: Don't tighten the screws until after the roof is on. This will allow toy to skew the cage a bit to get the top on just right. The top doesn't have screws it just friction fits into the 1" poles.

As you can just see from the picture above the custom door is nearly perfectly fit around the window. The custom door swings into the cage while the man door swings outward. One nice touch is that the doors latch from both sides so you can lock yourself inside with the birds which is something I hadn't thought of.

The next step will be to secure the cage to the decking with some brackets. It probably doesn't need it, as it is pretty heavy, but I would rather be safe than sorry.

Tomorrow I will start building the grapevine tree I going to put on the inside of the aviary!

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