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Red Update #1

Red has been with us for 2 full days now and is starting to settle in. He really likes hanging out on top of his Cage. He is currently housed in a 4x3 Kings cage with a playtop while we wait for my 64x32 Natural Inspiration Cage to open up. It currently has Casper the Goffin's Cockatoo in it. He seems quite content to just hang out and play with the toys up there. So far his favorite toys are the purple rubber ball, a sock with a piece of wood in it and a rubber dog bone. He will grab it and bang his beak on them or chew them and then very delicately place it back in place.

That squeaking noise is actually mostly made by Red. He does squeak it occasionally but mostly makes the sound himself like a squeaky toy. He also likes the blocks of wood I put up there which were just chunks of 2x4. He will tear into those and break them into toothpicks. I had 2 boxes filled with little toys up there for foraging that he didn't seem to like as he took both and chucked them over the side.

Red does talk and so far has said "Hello" and "Good Morning" along with what might have been "Trouble" and "I love you". The most endearing thing though is his laugh which he breaks out often! The minute Jen and I start to laugh he chimes right in. As we watched TV last night he would hear the laugh track and I would hear him softly chuckling behind me.

He is starting to explore a bit and came down off the cage to check out the back of my chair.

Diet wise he is starting to transition to pellets and chop. Currently I am feeding Zupreem and Harrison's and a chop with almonds, soaked seed, chia, broccoli, carrot, green pepper, kale, quinoa (mixed with Red Palm Oil) apple, and coconut shaving. He picked out the soaked seed first but then rooted around and tasted a few things. He tried the Harrison's and then put it back vs throwing it out which I thought was good. He ate a bit of apple, and mouthed most of the rest of the things before settling on eating the Zupreem pellets. His favorite things for treats seem to be peanuts, pistachios, and banana chips, but not walnuts.

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