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Red update #8

Red is really enjoying the outdoor aviary and spent 4 hours out there yesterday and didn't want to come in until he realized I was filling the food bowls! He is starting to step up more readily and is learning to use his beak gently. He is really quite a sweet guy, but has really bonded to me and isn't super fond of Jen and Jamie.

He is pretty smart and loves to forage for food. I made a tray of pea gravel and mixed some treats in the bottom and he spent a good amount of time searching through the gravel for his treats. He will occasionally find a piece of gravel that he doesn't like and chucks it over the side, but I'm not sure what his criteria is.

I made one for the outdoor aviary from a mesh screen from a 10 gallon aquarium so it doesn't collect water, it will just drain right through.

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