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Mr. Roper and Gonzo

So these two are pretty much a bonded pair I think, where one goes the other follows and they like to preen each other. They often ate whatever their owners were eating or plain old seed which wasn't always the healthiest thing for them but we are working on getting their diet a little better. Roper here wants my coffee which a definite no-no and Gonzo was hoping for some cereal leftovers. Roper is eating really well and Gonzo is getting better. Roper likes grapes while Gonzo favors apples. Neither one is really happy about pellets at this point but we are working on it.

Gonzo hangs out on the wall of his cage and shakes his wings wanting to be let out but I have to be very careful because my Amazon is not really happy when other birds land on his cage. I would love to have them all out together but that isn't going to happen so we just rotate time for all of them.

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