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Introducing Cali The U2

Yup I know what your thinking...."That looks just like your last foster!" And your right! But this is Cali another male Umbrella Cockatoo that will be arriving this weekend. I don't know all that much about this guy yet but I do have some pieces of his backstory. As far as I have been told he was rescued from a hoarding situation a few years ago. He adopted by a worker or volunteer at an animal rescue in the area where he was for a couple years. He recently came back to the rescue because the adopter was having health issues. So Cali was again looking for a home.

He went from there into one of our foster homes temporarily and will be coming my way this weekend. From what I gather he is a very sweet Too. He likes his head scratched, eats pretty well, plays with toys and is a heavy chewer which are all great things for a cockatoo. I also hear he has some screaming issues which is also pretty typical Too behavior. I gather he screams at 10AM and 6PM every day and also when you are home but he can't see you. He wants to be in the room with you. It is important to note that these are behaviors and as such can be eliminated of modified with proper training.

My goal as a foster is to get Cali as ready as I can to be someones lifetime pal and companion parrot. I will work to reinforce positive behaviors like stepping up and talking while working to extinguish negative behaviors such as screaming. Sometimes it is easy and sometimes it isn't but I welcome the challenge and we work at the behaviors and training as a family. I will leave you with a few videos from his current foster.

Cali having a treat:

Cali learning how to forage! This is a very important skill that many birds need to be taught. It helps them keep themselves entertained. A busy Too is a good Too while a Bored Too is trouble...

Cali does talk a little!

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