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Cali Settles in

Cali arrived late Friday afternoon and is settling in to his new surroundings. He stepped right up for me a couple times and politely refused a few times also by using him beak to gently move my hand away. Little scary when a big beak does that but he reportedly rarely bites. Biggest issue for the moment is that I have 2 male Cockatoos that have probably never seen another cockatoo and neither seems super thrilled about not being the only one around. Casper my other foster is leaving on Sunday so will only be here with Cali a short time. But in the mean time its a bit loud in here. OK that's an understatement. Its really loud in here. Casper is in one room and Cali in the next with Herbie in between and all three are having a competition to see who can out scream the other. I think I'm losing. Bo, my African grey is just ignoring it all and just being as chill as always.

Cali does talk a little and says Hello and I love you as well as this garbled speech:

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