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Cali Having Fun

Cali has really been entertaining us the last couple of days. He is a very different bird from our last foster Cockatoo Casper. He is probably much younger but all we really know is that he is older than 3 years. He loves head scratches just as much but the biggest difference is how much Cali loves to play. He also likes to laugh and had us all cracking up the other night.

He loves to play ball on the floor too!

One downside of the floor play is that he can get a little over excited and needs to calm down a little. We will have to learn where the line is when playing with him to keep from getting to out of control. We will also be limiting floor time because he likes to go after shoes which we will be trying to train him not to do. He will also play in his cage and loves tossing around the cardboard rings and the rest of the stuff we put in the box for him.

Now that Casper went to his forever home today we can start to work with Cali in earnest and will start training him this week. The first step will be finding out what treats Cali really likes.

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