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Gonzo The shoulder Bird

So far we have really enjoyed Gonzo and Roper as foster birds. It has only been a couple of days but these guys are super sweet with lots of personality. A huge thing we have noticed so far is that for conures they are REALLY quiet. Even when feeding them this morning when everyone else was going nuts for their food these 2 barely made a sound.

Roper is much more timid but will happily join Gonzo on my shoulder. Right now I am concentrating on training Gonzo to station on his playstand instead of flying to my shoulder. His previous owner had him on his shoulder a lot and Gonzo just figures that is where he belongs. I want him to stay on my hand unless I put him on my shoulder. I don't mind a bird on my should sometimes but often if I am cooking or something I want him on his playstand or even the counter, but when I put him there he just flies right back up. Roper is a bit easier, I really don't have to train hm much at this point because he just goes where Gonzo goes!

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