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Catalina Red

That might sound like a fine Californian wine but it is really my new foster, Red, a Catalina Macaw. He came in yesterday in an emergency intake. His owner for the last 25 years is having some health issues and decided he needed to rehome Red. A friend of PEARL picked him up early on Friday and he spent the day at her house until I could pick him up. I got to meet some great people when I picked him up. You have to love the bird community!

Red is believed to be somewhere south of 40 and a Catalina Macaw. He has spent the last 25 years pretty much living on top of a cage rather than in it. He was allowed to be a bird which proved to be a great arrangement for them but probably won't work for most other potential adopters. So far Red seems to be a great bird with a huge potential!

He likes hanging up on top of his cage and playing with his toys. This purple ball is a real favorite!

We will be working on a number of things here at foster camp. First will be some diet conversion as he primarily came in eating sunflower seeds. I will be trying to get him on pellets and fresh chop. Next will be some basic bird behaviors like stepping up and stationing. I will be updating the blog as we go and I will have much more in the future! I'll leave you with this video:

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