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Casper Update 11/16

Well Casper has been with us a couple days and we are getting to know him a little better. He really hasn't been a very loud bird so far, at least in comparison to the Umbrellas we had the last 2 months. He will occasionally squawk just once or every once in a while for a few minutes but nothing ear splitting. He has tended to protest come night time unless all the lights are out or his cage is covered. I have him in a large 64x32 cage that is a bit difficult to cover so I have just been making sure all the lights are out and that seems to do the trick.

He is definetely a shoulder bird and prefers to be there if you are standing. If you are sitting on the couch he prefers sitting on your knee. He really likes head scratches and will ask for them buy putting his head down or even grabbing your finger with this claw to draw it towards him. He will often fly from person to person in the room going from shoulder to shoulder which is one of the things I will attempt to train out of him. We really don't want him to just randomly fly and land on people but instead wait till he is invited and even then to land on a hand and not the shoulder. He is sort of food motivated and loves pistachios so I can use them to train him. The challenge is that he won't stay put at the moment and is afraid of many things which make training more difficult.

So far he is a very sweet bird and can say a few things including his name. He also wants to play a wierd game where he pulls out a bit of down and wants to put it on your lips so you can blow it in the air at him, which we are not going to encourage. While it is probably very cute, it really just teaching him to pluck feathers out for a reward which is not something I want to reinforce.

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