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Casper Update

Casper is showing off a little more of his personality now that he is settling into our home. He is a very sweet guy for sure and yesterday climbed down off his cage and wandered over to Jen and I on the couch for head scratches. Every once and a while he would leap of Jen's lap and make his way over to my chair so I had a turn. Getting down off the cage on his own is not however a behavior I am going to reinforce however. I prefer the birds to stay where I put them other wise it can turn into UH-OH moments like this one when someone climbs up onto the wrong cage.

Casper made his way up on top of Herbie and Bo's double cage. Casper was quite fond of the amazon that he lived with and may have been attempting to befriend Herbie and Bo but doing it on THEIR cage was probably not a good idea. Both can be a little cage aggressive to say the least. I had to jump in before this became a rumble. Luckily the only one that got bit was me and that was by Herbie while trying to prevent a fall to the ground.

He is a very social bird and has responded positively to everyone he has met so far. He is also pretty quiet for a Too. In the last couple days he has been calling occasionally with a 15-20 second call but I don't think it is anywhere near full volume. I know of a Too named Decibel that has earned that name for good reason, but Casper doesn't seem to call very loud. He usually does it when he is alone and is just seeking our attention. We ignore the calling of course!! Our house is pretty torn up right now while we get some new floors and Casper doesn't have a view of us all the time like he had before so I think that is why he is calling. We will see if it stops when we go back to normal. I'll todays post with a video of Casper with his crest on full display.

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