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Casper Day 3

The first thing I did when I got home was to put Casper outside in the aviary. It was a nice day, over 65F, and there are probably not many of those left so I wanted to take advantage of that!

It is really hard to tell sometimes whether they like it or not, some love it, some don't mind it, and others hate it. Casper seemed to not mind it and even to like it a little. It has to be pretty scary for a bird that never spent any real time outside at all in the last 30 years to be thrust out into the wide wide world.

Casper did pretty well and was quick to begin exploring this big new area. He seemed to enjoy climbing from branch to branch while exploring. He also engaged in what seems to be every birds favorite activity, stripping the bark from the grapevine. If you live in an area that has grapevine you really need to try using it for perches! It is more less a weed around here growing up on trees choking them until they die so most people are more than happy to let you cut some down, The stringy bark is a perfect toy in itself and my birds spend tons of time stripping it from the perches.

Tomorrow it is supposed to be in the low 70's so I am going to put Casper outside again and turn on the misting shower and see if I can't get him to bathe. If not he will just have to try the shower perch.

After dinner we spent some time trying to figure out what we can use as a treat for this guy. It is proving difficult. All my normal treats are instantly rejected. Almonds, nope. Walnuts, nope. Raisins, Goldfish, Peanuts, nope, nope, nope. Though I had a winner in banana chips, but nope. I made birdie bread, nope. Grapes, nope no way, wouldn't even touch it. Peanut butter chips, nope. There are 2 things this bird loves so far, bread and head scritches. So for now those will be his rewards.

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