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I got word today that Casper has been adopted! We had a meet and greet with a potential adopter on Wednesday and it went very well. I really like the potential adopter and more importantly so did Casper. He responded well, took treats and stepped right up for him which are all positives. I am beyond thrilled that Casper will be moving to such an ideal home! The adopter is waiting for his cage to arrive so we will have Casper for another week or so.

Here at PEARL we take great pride in placing parrots in appropriate homes with the information tools that they will need to be successful companion parrot parents. Our process can seem excessive to the uninitiated but it is a vital part of the adopting a bird. We conduct a home visit to assure that it will be a good home for several reasons. We want to make sure that the adopter is not a hoarder, a breeder, or lives in an apartment and wants to adopt a loud bird such as a macaw. We can help point out potential threats to the bird such as ceiling fans or teflon pans. We make our potential adopters take our Standards of Care class the teach best practices for parrot ownership. We talk about the best cage size, food, care, and problem solving for those difficult times. We have meet and greets where the adopter can meet the bird and make an informed decision. They can spend time with the bird and talk to the foster parent to learn all about it and some even come back multiple times. Our goal is to place the right bird in the right home and provide them with what they need to be successful with their new parrot.

Sometimes it can be hard to be a foster. We bring these birds into our home and make them a part of the family and then have to let them go. All of them are special and all of them deserve a special forever home. To Casper, I know you have found a good one and I wish you the very best. I hope you have a long and happy life. You were loved in your last home, you were loved here, and I know you will be loved in you new one.

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