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Zasu Update 11/14/23

So Zasu has been here for 1 week and he is doing quite well. I am happy to report he is fully diet converted and eating pellets and fresh chop. He doesn't eat everything in the chop, but zucchini is a favorite!

Zasu so far is not an overly loud bird. He has his moments but at this point it is not really to bad and easy to manage. For some reason Zasu will only stay on 1/2 the cage and always on the same perch or hanging by his beak. He seems to have no interest in exploring the rest of the cage, even for treats!

He comes out every night and sits on the cage door as happy as can be. Sometimes he will step up and go to the tree perch in the living room and sometimes he won't. I don't push him, just let him go at his own pace.

We just started some basic target training with him and he is catching on fast!

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