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Zasu Update

Short update on whats new with Zasu. As you can see from the video Zasu really loves getting a spray bath! He starts asking for a bath the moment we turn on a sweeper.

He still really prefers women over men and will only rarely step up for me but is quite willing for most women. When there is a woman he would like to go to then he will consider stepping up but has to think about it. He really loves showing off and entertains everyone who comes by with his 2 favorite tricks. The first one is hanging by his beak and letting go with his feet ala "no hands". The other trick he is still learning to do consistantly, but it is hanging upside down from one foot.

He has really started playing with his toys in earnest and often gets into arguments with them if they aren't cooperating! So far he is not a really noisy bird, and rarely screams. He often talks of mutters to himself but it isn't really that loud. He will even tell others and even himself to be quiet, though in a bit harsher language.. He is quite happy to come out and hand out on his cage door in evening and just chill or play. He usually goes back in on his own after a bit.

He is really a great bird and will make a fantastic companion for the right person!

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