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Tiki Update Vet Visit Day!

Tiki had a vet visit to Dr. Cox at Northside Animal Hospital for a physical today. Dr. Cox said he is in great health, though maybe a bit heavy. She was very pleased with him and remarked what a nice bird he is and she is right! She trimmed his nails too which is great because they were sharp!

Before the vet visit he spent some time playing on the floor with Jamie. He loves blankets being out with us.

He is a great bird and gets along with all of us including the dog. He say Hello and Hi when someone new walks in and last night he was saying Pretty bird, what a pretty bird in his cage to himself. He also says the occasional curse word if he can sense an animated or excited conversation.

He is fully converted to a healthy diet of pellets and chop and hopefully that will bring his weight a little more in line, though he is just a bit heavier than Dr. Cox would like. He likes to eat most foods but favorites so far have been watermelon, chicken, peanuts. At night he is content to just watch TV with us while sitting on the back of the sofa or sitting on the arm getting his head scratched.

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