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Sergio and Tango Episode 6

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

We have been experimenting with some different things in the last couple of days as we all try to figure out what is best for all of us. We are housing them a Natural Inspirations 64x32 double cage at the moment. We tried moving the boys to separate cages last night to allow them some extra room thinking that they might be happier that way. Turns out not so much. They were only a few feet apart but contact called constantly for each other till I moved them back together. This cage set up while not ideal seems to be working, I just wish I had this 80x40 version! or a indoor walk in aviary.

Luckily I have the outdoor aviary where the birds spend much of their time, and being home all day allows them to out of the cage most of the day. There are really only caged for meals and bed time.

We are still training everyday and the birds can't wait for their turn. Tango is really picking it up quickly and loves to train.

Today Tango was performing the spin trick without even being asked so he understands the skill and what he needs to do to get the reward. Sergio on the other hand is a slower learner. He gets the target training but is still a little afraid of the stick. He is working on the spin trick but only does half a spin right now but he is getting there.

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