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Sergio and Tango Episode 5

We had a great time today with the boys. We started with some quality training time. Tango started the week not really wanting to step up for me. He lunge at me and was acting difficult. After a consultation with my expert, she gave me some ideas. The first was take Sergio out first and heap treats and praise on him for stepping up. After just one day of trying that Tango has become much more interested in both training and stepping up for me. They spent much of the late morning and early afternoon in the aviary outside. I think they get less noisy every day. I really should have started a journal to track their vocalizations but that might be time intensive!

This evening we worked on target and trick training again. I am just working on spin around and both birds are starting to get it!

The first few times he will turn half way but slowly starts to follow the stick all the way around.

Now he is really starting to get the idea.

Sergio Worked on the spin trick also.

Tango even stepped up for Jen! She wasn't game when he went for her shoulder though.

later the boys played on the cage top and destroyed some paper. Good old fashion parrot fun!

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