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Sergio and Tango Episode 4

The boys came with all sorts of foods that kind of made us think they really didn't have the best diet in their past home but I think it might have been better than we thought. They appear to have been on Mazuri pellets and so far are eating a variety of different foods. They LOVE fresh fruit and have enjoyed watermelon, blueberry, blackberry, orange, banana, and grapes. Veggies they aren't as fond of but they have been spotted trying radish, carrot, corn, and even a taste of kale. Neither seems to have tried the mung bean sprouts but then again neither of my other birds did either. They do like junk food too. Show them a piece of pizza and those beady eyes light up like its Christmas. I love when I give Tango something he really likes because he makes a really cool sound! I'll try to get it on video.

Sergio is the more inquisitive one and taken to getting down off the cage and wandering into the kitchen to see what is cooking and more importantly if he can have any of it.

JJ, our dog doesn't even flinch anymore. She is so used to the Grey walking around so these guys aren't much of a surprise for her. She did stay out of that room for a couple of days though. After a while we had Sergio, Bo and JJ all hanging in the kitchen as we made an omelet for breakfast.

One of only real issues so far is The boys affect on my Amazon Herbie. Herbie is a special case. He came to PEARL completely plucked and had a hard life. We adopted him and I love him to death despite his many many personality flaws. One of those flaws is that he doesn't like loud noise, nor does he like anything that flies in his vicinity. So naturally he doesn't seem real fond of either of them. They will start contact calling or Sergio will fly by and Herbie starts his alarm call 'Hi Herb" or 'Beep" over and over in an attempt to warm someone that a huge noisy monster is attacking. (Side note: One of my missions in life is to change Herbie's warning call to "Danger! Danger! Danger Will Robinson") So when this happened earlier today I was a bit concerned:

Sergio took off and landed on Herbie's perch and Herbie wasn't happy. Not sure what he thought we was going to do about it. I hustled over and got Sergio off before I had to find out.

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