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Sergio and Tango

Every bird has a story and this is Sergio and Tango's. It was early June and it had been quiet on the foster front. We hadn't had a ton ton of surrender requests and we were in cruise control. My foster coordinator referred to it as the calm before the storm and she was right. We got a call to help not 1, not 2, but 3 macaws. Our friend at Natural Inspirations Parrot Cages had stepped up to temporarily home the 3 but they needed fostered.

I was asked if I would consider one. We had a family discussion and decided that we could. We have never fostered a macaw. Loved them from afar sure, but never had one live with us. Were we ready? Who knows until you try right? Herbie, my Amazon, was a handful but over last 11 months has taught us a lot.

The next day we got a bit of surprise. The macaws had arrived at Natural Inspirations and it turns out all 3 were really bonded and that I would be getting 2 instead of just 1 of the macaws. 2!!!! I took a while to get over the shock. In discussions we went back and forth over which way to split the 3 and it was heart wrenching. At one point we considered taking all 3 and flirted with that idea for a bit, but one of the Other PEARL members stepped up to foster Charlie and I would take Tango and Sergio.

We were all excited. This was going to be a challenge. We had a cage that might work but would be too small for a longer term so I borrowed a double from my foster coordinator that would give the boys a little more room. We spent the day making toys, perching and rearranging the house to make room for the bigger cage.

Sunday arrived and it was time to venture out and get the macaws. It was about an hour drive to Beaver, Pa where Natural Inspirations Parrot Cages is located. When we got there we met the birds and got the full tour and man is it impressive! Karrie knows her stuff for sure! We packed up the birds and headed for home.

These are some photos from the first night:

This is Sergio a Catalina Hybrid Macaw. A Catalina is a hybrid offspring of breeding a Scarlet and a Blue and Gold Macaw. The color is simply amazing!

This is Sergio from the back.

And this is Tango a Camelot Hybrid Macaw. A Camelot is a second generation hybrid from breeding a Catalina with a Scarlet. Honestly when I started fostering I had no idea I would have need of those biology classes in high school!

These guys are settling in and I will give more updates as I work with them.

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