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Sammy and Jobi Update #2

Jobi and Sammy had dinner with us last night and sampled some pasta. Jobi was a bit reluctant at first but then dived right in. Sammy in typical grey fashion was all about the food. Don't worry, we just let them have a couple pieces!

Both of these birds are real sweethearts. Jobi seems to prefer Jen a little while Sammy seems to like me a little better. Jobi loves to come out and watch TV on the couch above Jen at night. She will come down for head scratches every so often and makes some great noises.

Sammy prefers to chill out on the playstand and explore the toys. Like my own grey he found of conducting what we call "gravity experiments" where he tosses things over the side to watch them fall. He will step up and join me on the chair and enjoys head scratches, just not too many. Sammy has a ton of sayings including Old McDonald, Hi, Marti is here, be quiet, Good boy, Sammy boy, and a whole bunch of beeps, boops, and other noises.

We are working on stepping up and both will step up to a stick while in or on their cage and onto a hand if anywhere else.

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