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Jobi and Sammy Update #1

Sammy and Jobi are starting to settle in to their new foster home and are becoming much more comfortable. Jobi is a bit more outgoing and eager to interact with his foster family. He makes a bunch of really enjoyable noises in addition to the not as enjoyable amazon squawks. He lets us scratch his head through the bars and likes lots of attention. Yesterday I opened the cage doors and he came out pretty quickly to explore the top of the cage. I started doing some target training with Jobi and he was pretty quick to catch on. He was initially a little frightened by the chop stick but after he watched the other birds he caught right on. He steps up onto a stick pretty well and even up onto my hand when he was uncomfortable on the stand.

Sammy is a bit more introverted so far and a bit more wary of this new situation. He caught on to target training right away and is eager to train. I opened the cage door yesterday to let him come out and while he explored the idea he was reluctant to come out even for treats. Sammy is typical African Grey fashion makes many noises and says some phrases. He will even tell Jobi to be quiet if he starts making to much noise. One of his phrases is Old Mcdonald as his owner tried to teach him the song, but he only learned that part of it.

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