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Phoenix and Gemma Update 7

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

The macaws had a visitor yesterday! My aunts sister in law Laurie is a former macaw owner and fantastic artist. She heard about my fosters and wanted to come visit. While she was here Phoenix took an immediate liking to her!

Phoenix was enthralled with her and stepped up almost right away and wasn't the least bit scared. She often shakes a little when on my arm clearly still a little afraid, but she was perfectly comfortable on her arm with not a bit of fright! She was very sweet and an even offered kisses.

I would normally not allow a foster bird to get that close to a strangers face and head but she was acting so peaceful I let it go on but stood close by to make sure all was ok. Phoenix was so gentle and really seemed to like her! Gemma was a little bit more hesitant but did step up for a minute or two before retreating back to the couch.

As I said Laurie is a gifted artist and is going to start painting pet portraits and just completed 2 portraits of my aunts cats and these 2 are next on the list!! I sent her a few pictures for her to work from and I will share the results when they are done!

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