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Phoenix and Gemma Update #2

These two have really started to settle in and become more comfortable. Both will step up for me for a treat at this point but really get uncomfortable if moved too far away from the cage. Gemma won't hesitate to take flight back to the cage. She flies pretty well but it is hard to gauge how well is such a small space. Phoenix is still pretty skittish and afraid of new things, fast movement, or anything startling.

They are really surprisingly quiet for macaws and rarely scream saving that for food time or if something startles them like if the dog suddenly barks. Speaking of barks they have started repeating the dog bark which is pretty amusing! They do say somethings but not often and not very clearly. So far a clear Hello is the only real word I have heard.


Phoenix is usually the one that will step up first and the easiest. It is clear from their uncertain footwork that they aren't used to stepping up. They still doent't like to go far from their cage but Phoenix let me take her into the kitchen today.

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