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Gemma and Phoenix Update 6

The fantastic duo continue to be wonderful house guests. I am amazed at how quiet these two are. The other macaws I have fostered have always been really loud. Loud enough that all my neighbors knew I had macaws because the could clearly hear them. Last weekend they were all over and were surprised to see Gemma and Phoenix, they never even knew they were here. They squawk when they are waiting for their food in the evening but even then it isn't super loud, certainly not their 5 mile scream.

They are starting to become more comfortable outside their cage. I let them out as soon as I get home and Gemma immediately climbs out to explore the stand and pick through the foraging tray on the stand. Phoenix takes a

few minutes but comes out as well eventually. They retreat to the safety inside the

cage less and less frequently as they get used to the family walking by. They are a little wary of the dog but usually just keep a close eye on her while she scavenges on the floor for stuff the birds drop.

Gemma will readily step up for a treat and is even starting to pick up her leg when I walk by to ask for one occasionally. Phoenix is still pretty wary of stepping up. She will slowly step up when she is in the cage but gets off if I move to take her out of the cage. When she is outside the cage she will step right up for a treat or even without a treat if she is somewhere unfamiliar.

These 2 really love toys! They really like cardboard and wood toys the best. Their beaks are really strong and often take the bottom link off to watch all the wood parts slide off to the floor. They also like the little plastic baby links and will carry them around for a bit before destroying them. The clear plastic foraging toys are the favorite though, probably because they contain treats......

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