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Phoenix and Gemma Update

So these 2 have been here about a week and are starting to get settled in. The first order of business is to try and convert them to a better diet. They came in eating a combination of mostly unhealthy options for a macaw such as trail mix and Chex cereal. I have been feeding them a mix of pellets including Harrisons, Zupreem Natural, Zupreem Fruit colored, and Mazuri to try to find one they like. They seem to prefer the Zupreem Natural which a decent choice as far as pellets go. They are also starting to sample the fresh chop and are experimenting with veggies. They like grapes, apple, and raisins a great deal, and both have eaten some green pepper and even some cucumber so they are coming along diet wise.

We started target training them in the cage and both have responded pretty well. Gemma got it right away and will target for just about any treat while Phoenix is pickier and waits for the high value treat like a piece of potato chip. Both birds briefly stepped up this weekend for a bit of Dorito and Phoenix is now stepping up pretty readily.

So far they are very quiet for macaws ans rarely scream and only for a call or 2 and usually just when something scares them pretty good. They usually just softly cluck back and forth with each other is that wonderful macaw voice.

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