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Pekos Update

Pekos is doing really well in his foster home and is becoming much more comfortable. At first he had a bit of a hard time navigating around his big 64x32 in cage having come from a much smaller cage. Turn out he was just not a very skilled cage climber, but he is really getting the hang of it now.

He has started to step up for both me and Jen pretty easily and we have started target training with him. He is pretty smart and has caught on very quickly. The above video is from after just a few minutes of training.

Pekos is a decent talker and some of it is understandable and some of it is more like mutterering. His favorite phrase is "got a peeeaaanut?" which is adorable. The last couple of days he has been making a show of stealing my towel off the bottom of my stand and dragging it into his cage, where he will nuzzle and play with it.

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