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Pekos Update

Pekos has been here for about a week and is really starting to come out of his shell. One of his favorite things is the "Look Ma no Claws" beak hang seen in the video above! He also likes to hang upside down from the top by just one toe which is fun to watch.

He was reluctant to come out of the cage the first few days and we figured out it was because he isn't very confident climbing around the cage bars. He could go up but couldn't figure out how to come down, but he is quickly figuring it out.

So far Pekos still shows a preference for Jen over me and will make more of an effort to please her and talks to her more than me. I have started some training with him though and he is responding very well. The fist thing I am training is to not lunge at hands put on the cage.

Pekos is a great talker and loves to have "conversations" with someone and will often respond when spoken to like an actual conversation even if most of the time it is just a speech like sound and not really words.

He is starting to sample pellets and fresh foods so I think a completely seed free healthy diet will soon be in his future. I have been feeding soaked seed to ease the transition. He is a really fun bird and I have a feeling that stepping up will be something we see pretty soon.

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