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Paca update 8/13

Paca has been with us for about a 10 days and has had quite a week. On Wednesday she went to vet and had a check up. She is great health other than being overweight, which is often the case for birds on a seed based diet. She has since been transitioned to a healthy diet of chopped fresh veggies, fruits and grains and supplemented with Zupreem pellets. Hopefully this will help her lose a few grams and grow new feathers on her chest.

Paca seems to tolerate me and my wife and will step up for both of us when she wants to get somewhere or is in a place she isn't comfortable but she is really enamored with my daughter. She say Hi to her and really strives to go to wherever she is but my daughter is not real sure of her yet. In the video above you can see Paca trying to find a way over to her.

She is starting to play with a few toys here and there such as the foraging toy in the top video but hasn't touched many of the others yet. She is still settling in but is becoming for confident every day.

Paca had her first experience in the outdoor enclosure today and wasn't all that keen on it. She mostly stayed in one place and just watched what was going on around her. To make it a better experience I worked with some target training with her. She also had a spray bath while out there and wasn't fond of that either but eventually accepted it. I am going to try again when the sun is shinning on the enclosure as it was in the shade this morning.

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