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Melina Update #3

Melina spent the weekend at Camp Karrie's and had a great time. Karrie the owner of Natural Inspiration Parrot cages is our cockatoo guru and has several cockatoos of her own as well as huge spaces and cages for the birds. Melina was there to see how she interacted with other Toos. She did very well and while she was a bit standoffish at first she was fine with the other birds. Here Boo, one of our other fosters, is trying to woo the fair maiden Melina on the right. She was less than impressed.

Later She warmed up a bit.

In the last video she is letting Boo preen her and even began to preen him a bit before thinking better and heading for the safety of Karrie's shoulder.

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Love the videos! It’s wonderful to see Melina happy.

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