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Melina Update

I haven posted about the fosters in a while as life has been busy. Melina is proving to be quite the entertainment. She spends each evening with us us on the couch watching television. She loves to dance and sing to the theme and commercial music. She is very much a cuddler and loves to cozy up to Jen for some head scratches.

One of her more adorable acts is when she barks like a dog. She does a very good dog impression. The other day there was a deer in the front yard and while the dog didn't even notice, Melina did and commenced barking at it!

Melina talks in the sweetest voice and says quite a bit. She is very good natured towards Jen and my daughter Jamie, but not towards me. I don't know if she doesn't like the beard, my hair, men in general or what but I know she REALLY doesn't like me. She has even chased me up the stairs once! I will be taking her to a socialization event this weekend to see how she reacts to other men. She seemed to like me when she first got here but have grown a beard since so I am thinking that may be the problem.

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Melina looks wonderfu!

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