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Meet Paca!

Paca is a DNA tested Female Blue and Gold Macaw that was surrendered today. Paca's former owner surrendered her because he is relocating and can't bring Paca with him and wanted her to have the best home possible, so he called us! Paca is 10 years old and has plucked part of her chest and legs which started when her former owner had to start working out of town.

Paca lived in a whole room so she isn't really used to a cage. She is moving into a large 64x32 inch double cage with lots of toys for chewing and foraging. She was is still very shy and wary but is learning to explore her cage.

She came in on a seed diet so we work on transitioning her to a diet based on pellets and fresh chop. So far she hesitates to step up if she is on her cage but will if she is on the floor or a stand. She can fly but not really well. We learned yesterday that she likes to dance!

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