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Paca Update #2

Paca is settling in to her foster home really well and is becoming more comfortable. She is stepping up for me very regularly now and usually doesn't even think about it. One of her favorite things to do is to come into the living room and sit on her perch. She will watch out the window or chew the toys, or flap her wings for all she's worth. She can really create a breeze with those wings! If you wonder why PEARL requires large cage sizes, check out that wingspan!

Paca has also spend a few hours in the outside enclosure, but as near as I can tell she isn't wild about it. She doesn't seem to hate, but she doesn't love it either. The best news is that she is really starting to get in a lot of the feathers she had plucked. He legs are coated in pin feathers and her chest gets a bit more yellow everyday!

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