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Meet Meeka!

I am happy to introduce my newest foster Meeka. Her story is a sad one. PEARL got a call from the state police on Wedneday about taking in 3 birds from way out east in PA. The birds were living in tiny cages outside in a van along with 5 dogs and at one point 2 cats, one of which has sadly died. The owner was not living in the van, just the animals, and I can't hope but wonder how any survived in the heat.

The 3 birds were Meeka, a Red Fronted macaw, Pickles a Double yellow Amazon, and Areil a Blue Fronted Amazon. Each in one in a 24in dog cage. they barely had room to turn around and none even had so much as a perch to stand on.

On Thursday Jamie and I drove 4 hours Round trip to meet volunteers from One Dog At A Time dog Rescue who were looking after the dogs to get the birds. The driving rain did not make it fun trip though luckily it stopped just in time for the transfer.

We don't really have any information about the birds or the situation other than that. Meeka is currently in quarantine at my house and will soon move into a huge 64x32 in cage after her vet appointment.

She has plucked a great deal of her feathers including her shoulders and most of her torso and it is too soon to tell if those will ever grow back. Stay tuned as I will have further updates on her as she begins her search for her forever home.

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