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Meeka Update #3

When you work in animal rescue you never know what sort of baggage that animal is bringing with them. Some have been abused, neglected, or even outright tortured in their lives and it can have a deep impact on them. They all react differently, some bounce back in a matter of days, sometimes it takes years to get over the trauma. Meeka seems to be the bounce back quickly type. In the short time she has been here it has become clear that at one point she was someones beloved companion. She is really a and very sweet bird. While we are still in the honeymoon period of time that most birds and animal fosters exhibit, she has been an outstanding foster.

She rarely makes noise or screams and when she does it is a quiet squawk or call for attention and it is never overbearing or constant. He absolute favorite thing to do is cuddle up to me and get he head scratched. She will sit contently on my arm or chest, put her head down and close her eyes as I scratch away. She is very gentle and doesn't bite, but instead will just give you a squawk and a beak warning.

She shows a little preference towards me though she will step up for both Jen and Jamie. She will sit with them for a bit but eventually flies over to sit with me. She is often content to just sit and play on a playstand rummaging through the tray of pebbles foraging for the treats hidden in the stones.

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