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Meet Kiki and Charlie! The odd couple.

Kiki 7yr old Severe Macaw

Charlie 8yr old Goffin Cockatoo

I would like to introduce my new foster birds Kiki and Charlie. These two are a most unusual bonded pair to say the least. Kiki and Charlie have lived together for several years and appear to be bonded. The really seem to like each other so we are going to keep them together and observe them to see if they really get along as well as they seem. As per PEARL's policy we don't separate bonded pairs so these cuties will have to be adopted together.

We spend the first hour with these guys just letting them out of the travel carriers and letting them warm up to us. Kiki immediately took to my 11yr old daughter Jamie. Kiki saw her and made a bee line for her. Jamie is rightfully a little scared of Kiki at this point but its hard to blame her as she doesn't really know Kiki yet. Charlie in the mean time took to Jen within a few minutes stepping up for her right away. Neither seems real thrilled about me yet, but we will see if that lasts.

We really don't know a whole lot about these guys yet. They were surrendered by someone who loved them but couldn't keep them anymore due to a different and more important thing that was taking up a lot more of here time.

Here are a couple of videos of their first few minutes with us.

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